Power and purity of the sound are essential characteristics for the success of an event. The PA systems are selected on the basis of the customer's requests, the location's features and the number of participants that are expected to be involved. Sigma Vision's technical staff is always willing to offer specific expertise for every solution requested and to solve every technical distress.



Sigma Vision constantly renews its video department with the latter products on the global market. The solutions that it offers - ledwalls, videowalls, projections and monitors - can be used for every kind of event and in every contest - big or small events, minimal or spectacular exhibits. Sigma Vision offers also services of video mapping and architectural projections.



Lighting affects not only the architecture and the perception of an area, but also and mostly the emotions of the guests. Aware of the relevance of lighting for the success of any kind of event, Sigma Vision offers a wide range of product to its customers to fulfil their project of light design by providing them with both the support during the planning and care phase and during the installation and operation.

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