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Who We Are

Located in Milan,founded in 1992 and managed since 2001 by Agnese De Simone, Sigma Vision is at the forefront of the audiovisual services sector for the implementation of small and large events both nationally and internationally. The excellence of Sigma Vision is guaranteed by the traditional reliability and solidity given by the experience of a great company,by the constant reseach and acquisition of the most innovative equipment and by the careful selection of the staff and partners. Thanks to a network of professionals and experts in the sector, Sigma Vision adds to the technical advice the creative advice, the support in the organization and care of the events and a series of accessory services to suit every production and communication need.



Always projected towards new ideas and new markets to whom it offers its expertise and innovation ability, Sigma Vision looks further drawing strenght and inspiration from its long experience in the highest level of communication. Since the beginning Sigma Vision has had at the very base of its work the goal of accomplishing the events by accompanying the customer in every phase of their planning, care and organization by guaranteeing continuous technical and creative advices until the desired result is achieved. The company's technical skills are in fact integrated by Sigma Vision's most important feature: the constant client support with the sensitivity of those who always want to realize not just a great event, but also an event of great impact and spectacularity.


What we do

Sigma vision's core business is the rental of sound-video-lighting equipment to which it add the provision of technical and creative assistance for institutional events, meetings, conferences, events and fairs of fashion, design, culture and private. Sigma Vision in fact offers the companies a consultancy that goes from the planning of the event to its achievement and comunication, proposing the best technological solutions and guaranteeing quality, experience,attention to the detail and problem solving ability. Furthermore, Sigma Vision sells sound-video-lighting equipment and implements fixed installations. In both cases the customer is offered continuous advice and technical support to better advice him and to make him achieve his goals.

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